Pear, GRA, Life

【 はじめに 】   Foreword

そんな行為や活動を、個人単独で、或いは NPO法人等を設立して、自らの資産を使い、責任とリスクを負いながら続けても、時に、無力感や焦燥感、孤独感に闇の中に突き落とされている人々へ、深い共感の念と共にこの文章を書いています。

Free acts for the people and society around you, not for your own benefit, achievement, or evaluation, but for the responsibility of the individuals who make up the society, are the important foundation for supporting society.
I wrote this article with a deep empathy for those who continue to do such activities with their own efforts and resources, but are sometimes driven into darkness by feelings of helplessness, impatience, and loneliness.

『 梨 』   Pear


は 2〜3個に抑えて、残りは他の人達に差し上
を決めている訳ではない。 例えば、大阪へ通勤していた頃は、会社宛に届けてもらって、同じ

Every year, after summer, the elder brother and his wife bring their specialty pears in a box. I've been used to eating fruits since I was young, so I can eat them all, but I always give them to people around me.
However, I haven't decided who to give it to, and I usually give it to people I know for free even if I don't even know their names.

『 梨への返礼 』    Return Salute


だから、ある時、差し上げた相手の方から、「 もらっても、良いのですか?」と尋ねられた事があったけど、自然に、「 努力して手に入れたモノでも、持っていない人に分けるのは当たり前の事 だから、苦労せずに手に入ったモノならば、その殆どを他の人に分けるのは当然の事 」と答えたし、それは、どの人に対しても同じ気持ちだ。
どの人も受け取る時には笑顔だが、次に出会った時の反応は人によって異なり、「 美味しかった!」などの一言を返してくれる人もいるが、多くは感想やお礼も無く、まるで何も無かった様に振る舞う人達が多いのだ。しかし、それも仕方ない事だと思っている。何故なら、逆の立場だったとしたら、必ず、100%、忘れずにお礼の言葉を伝えられるのか? 自信は無いからだ。


I take it for granted that even if it's something that I've gained through hard work, I share it with people who don't have it. Therefore, one time, the person I gave you asked me, "Can I get it?"But naturally, I answered, "It's only natural to share what I've worked hard with with people who don't have it, so it's only natural to share most of it with others."That's the same feeling for everyone.
However, the response of the person who received the pear was mixed. Everyone smiles when they receive it, but the next time they meet, their reactions vary from person to person.Some people return words such as "It was delicious!" but many people act as if nothing had happened without any feedback or thanks.
But I think that's normal, too.Many others believe that doing the same thing will surely make the world better, and even if there is no return, they will not lament or regret it.
On the other hand, I think giving pears was much better than doing nothing because it helps people who understand each other's sincerity and people who can hear each other's hearts.

『 GRA 』  GRA

そんな考えの僕だから、1991年に設立した、GRA でも同じ考えを通している。

設立した目的が、単に僕自身が蓄積させてきたオートバイに関係する事や考えを伝える事だから、設立当初から営利目的の考えは一切無く、NPO法人化した現在でも、登録社員の全員が全く無報酬を定款に謳っている程だ。 だから、開催したイベントの参加者を、「お客様」扱いや「生徒」扱いする考えは全く無く、オートバイライダーとして社会に対して同じ責任を負う者同士として、参加した人とも対等に接する考えでいる。
そんな考え方を貫く思いもあって、僕自身の交通費や宿泊費など、活動の為の経費の多くが “自腹・持ち出し” になっている事も気にも留めていない。

そんな僕の行動を見て、事務局スタッフの中には、イベントを企画して開催する労力や出費の多くが僕個人の“持ち出し” だから、「梨とは違うだろう」とか「黒字収支にするべきだ」と言う人も居る。 また、「例え、お客様扱いになっても、もっと多くの多くの人に関心を持つ事に合わせて」という意見もある。が、僕はそうは思わない。


しかし、そういう信念で GRA活動を行なっていても、他者に依存しながらの「不満」や「要求」も聞き入れられるべき「意見」だとしか考えられない人にも多く出会ってきた。自らの考えを実現させるために、自ら責任とリスクを負いつつ、自ら他者への共有など社会的貢献活動を行なわない人々の中からは、時に、「批判」や「中傷」へと発展する人も多く目の当たりにしてきた。それは、無責任で無自覚の、精神的な傷害行為と言う他は無い。

ただ、それでも救われてきたのは、人数は多くはないが、僕自身は何も求めていないのに、イベント用の会場手配してくれた人や運営業務のサポート、イラストやデザインの提供など、誠意ある人や心が響きあえる素敵な人々と巡り合えた事も GRA活動の大切な収穫だ。

I have such an idea, so GRA, which I established in 1991, operates with the same idea. The purpose of establishing GRA is simply to convey the knowledge and ideas that I have accumulated through motorcycle sports, and I have no idea of commercial purposes from the beginning. Therefore, I have no idea of treating the participants of the event held as "customers" or "students", and treat them equally as motorcycle riders who have the same responsibility for society.

In other words, when a person gains or discovers something, it is natural not to monopolize it alone, but to share it with many people around him, and I think it is important to build social civilization and science and technology.In order to do so, I believe that we should seek contribution activities such as sharing to society at the risk of our own responsibility, rather than staying dependent on other people's actions. However, I have managed GRA with this in mind, but I have also met many people who depend on others and think that "discontent" and "requests" are only "opinions" that should be accepted.In addition, many people have seen it develop into "criticism" and "slander", but there is no other way to say that it is irresponsible and unconscious mental injury.

But, I have also been rewarded. It's not a lot of people, but I met someone who arranged a venue for the event and who continued to support various management operations without asking for anything from me. It is an important harvest of GRA activity to meet with sincere people like them and wonderful people who can resonate with each other.

『 人生 』   Life


労役だけを重ねて、利益が見込めない生き方しか見えないけど、他の人々を、ひいては社会を支えられるならば、同じ生き方を続けていきたいと考えている。 それは、日本や世界中で、一人で社会の為の活動をしている人々の存在を、GRAを始めてから気付けた事も大きな支えになっている。

そして、充分な金銭には恵まれず、容易に他者に迎合しない生き方だから、きっとこれからも、簡単に批判し中傷し笑う人々を目にすると思う。 けれど、梨やGRAの時と同じ様に、信念を持って行動を起こして続けていけば、それを無条件で受け留めて支えてくれる人に出逢える筈だ。

そして、そんな人が多く居るならば、日本の何処でも、海外であっても、積極的に移住をしたいと考えている。 きっと、同じ様な生き方を目指している人なら、お互いに 1mmでも身近に感じていたいと願っている筈だからだ。

I want to continue this way of life that I've been doing since before GRA.
I can only see a way of living that I can't see any profit by working hard, but if I can support other people and eventually society, I would like to continue living the same way of life. This is because I have noticed the existence of people working alone for society in Japan and around the world since I started GRA.
I believe that if I continue to take action with conviction, as I did with "pear" and "GRA",
I will be able to meet people who will accept and support me unconditionally. There are very few people in this world, but they are important people who encourage me to live, and they give me strong confidence and courage that such people exist in this world!
That's why I want to live my life that way, and when I meet someone who lives equally hard, I want to exchange ale with each other.
And if there is an area where there are many such people, I would like to actively relocate anywhere in Japan or abroad. Because I'm sure that people who are aiming for a similar way of life, would to be as close as possible to eachl other.

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